Monthly Archives: December 2007

Thank you for the donations

Thank you to Lisa H., Lenore S. and Christopher M. for their very kind donations. As you can see from the flurry of stories that I have written we really are up against it at the moment in terms of finding time in the day to do everything, finances, enclosure space etc. etc. and so […]

Drills (Mandrillus leucophaeus)

Finally, now that I seem to have mastered the art of posting images on the blog, I can post the long awaited photo of some of our drills.

Taiping Four gorillas

Finally (I hope) I have mastered the art of uploading photos on to this blog. Here are some pictures of the 4 gorillas. href=’’ title=’Oyin’> So far all of the gorillas are doing really well and seem to be enjoying life in the warm humid climate of Cameroon. They are eating plenty of browse and […]

Plundering the forest for pets:

On 24th November we received a call that approximately 500 African grey parrots had been seized by the Ministry of Forests and Wildlife in Douala International Airport. The parrots were being illegally shipped to Bahrain to enter the exotic pet trade. We were asked if we could take the parrots in as there was nowhere […]

The rescue of an infant gorilla:

On Thursday 20th December I received a telephone call to inform me of an infant gorilla that had been seized in the town of Batouri in the east of Cameroon by a senior civil servant in the Ministry of Agriculture, from a hunter who was trying to sell her. Batouri is very far from Limbe, […]

Thank you for the donations:

Thank you very much to George S. and Bruce D. for the generous donations that they made on this Wildlife Direct website. The LWC’s monthly running costs (feed, medicines, enclosure repair etc.) have been rising year in year out as we receive more animals and as the apes that we have hand reared over the […]

Introducing the ‘Taiping Four’ gorillas:

Now that the dust has settled a little after the arrival of the ‘Taiping Four’ I can begin to introduce you all to these infamous gorillas. The three females are called Oyin, Abbey and Tinu, and the lone male is Izan. • Oyin is the largest and the dominant gorilla in the group. She is […]

the return of the Taiping Four gorillas

Finally the ‘Taiping Four’ gorillas are home. Better late than never! The journey from South Africa to Cameroon was incredibly long and tiring for the gorillas and all involved in their care, but, when the four gorillas walked confidently out of their travel crates into their new quarantine enclosure, we all knew that it was […]