Monthly Archives: January 2008

African grey parrot seizure: update

It is interesting how you can be so busy one minute, and then something else more urgent turns up and everything that you were doing is immediately sidelined as attention is focused on the incoming crisis. So it has been since the seizure of 1220 African grey parrots back in November and December 2007. Since […]

Another mother killed, another infant rescued:

I received the telephone call at lunch time warning me that an infant drill (Mandrillus leucophaeus) had been seized, and by 3pm the little female infant was already with us. That’s the thing about this job, you just never know what is about to happen. The infant drill had been seized from a hunter’s house […]

Update on Bolo the infant gorilla:

The most rewarding sound any carer could hope to hear when looking after a young gorilla (or child for that matter) is the sound of laughter and, considering the traumatic experience that little Bolo has been through in the past month, it is a testament to the loving care and attention that Sandy and JK […]

thank you for your donations:

Thank you to Rosemary L., Clizia P., Barbara M. and John S. who have all donated much needed funds to help with our ongoing costs with the African grey parrot saga and the new infant gorilla ‘Bolo’. With all that is going on we are really stretched at the moment financially (and for time!) and […]

African grey parrot update: Removal of damaged feathers begins

‘sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind’, that’s what I keep telling myself as we continue to pluck feathers from the African grey parrots. It is a rather nasty procedure, which involves each parrot being anaesthatised and then having each and every damaged wing feather literally pulled out. The feathers are very firmly […]

African grey parrot update: a further release:

The situation with the African grey parrots is becoming critical. Having placed the two seized groups in two rapidly constructed flight cages and having released all those birds that were healthy and had undamaged feathers we felt that we had managed to stabilise the situation. However after a period of about a week when the […]

Update on infant gorilla, Bolo:

It has now been 18 days since the 7 month old female western-lowland gorilla, Bolo, arrived at the LWC. Since her arrival she has spent 24 hours a day with our very dedicated volunteer Sandy Jones, who is helped by our head keeper Jonathan Kang (JK). In the beginning Bolo was really timid and unresponsive […]