Monthly Archives: March 2008

Thank you to our donors:

As always we are very grateful for all the donations that we have received through this blog site. Recently Muriel T. and Lucia C. have made donations to assist us with the costs of caring for Bolo. Thank you both very much for this help. I would also like to take this opportunity to make […]

Taiping Four and Bolo to join the main gorilla group:

The time has now come to start the introductions of the Taiping Four gorillas to the resident group of gorillas at the LWC. For the past 3 months, since their arrival from South Africa, they have lived in the quarantine area of the project in a moderate sized great ape cage. However, now that they […]

Thank you to the Animals Divulgation Trust

I would like to take this opportunity to specifically thank the Animals Divulgation Trust who have very generously made three donations totalling $741 to be used to assist with the care and rehabilitation of the African grey parrots. The funds have been received and are being used, as promised, to help care for, feed and […]


I am sorry I have been silent for so long, but I had a problem accessing the weblog. As some of you might know the situation in Cameroon has been prety bad last week, with strikes, roadblocks and riots, but everything is back to normal now. It was a bit difficult to get all the […]