Monthly Archives: July 2008

Interspecies adoption

The very young primates that come to the Limbe Wildlife Centre normally get a human foster mom to take care of them and to give milk 24 hours a day. The person who takes this task usually gets attached to the animal very quickly, just as if it were a human baby. It is remarkable […]


In the last few months many monkeys were brought to the Limbe Wildlife Centre. In quarantine we have now two putty-nosed guenons, two mona monkeys and one agile mangabey. The situations in which we find these monkeys are sometimes heart breaking. We found a mona of around two years old in Batoke, a major bushmeat […]

Holiday Workshop

Yesterday was the last day of our second Conservation Education Holiday Workshop of this summer. This week we had a very interesting group of students of around 11 years old. Just a few students had been at the Limbe Wildlife Centre before, so for most it was quite a new experience. In the regular school […]


I have some very sad news that I wanted to share with the readers of this blog: On the morning of the 2nd June 2008 one of the gorillas known as the Taiping Four died after a short illness. The female gorilla, called Oyin, arrived from South Africa on 1st December 2007 and had spent […]