Monthly Archives: January 2009

Race of Hope

All activities of the Limbe Wildlife Centre depend on donations and some people do the impossible in order to raise money for us. I would like to name two: Keith Norman and Doug Gratwick. They are going to participate in the ‘Race of Hope’, a run up and down Mount Cameroon, to raise funds for […]

New Guenon Enclosures

This year we will start the building of new enclosures for our guenons. As you can see in the picture the old enclosures are mended many times and the monkeys are great in finding ways out through the damaged mesh. We have already received a large sum of money from Pro Wildlife in Germany, but […]

Red-eared monkey

Although she is lucky to be brought to the Limbe Wildlife Centre, our new red-eared monkey (Cercopithecus erythrotis) is nothing like a normal, happy young monkey. The man who brought her in said he had found her in the marsh – ‘Marais’ in French – but later changed his story to a market in Douala. […]