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In nature many wild animals spend most of their day searching for food which keeps them busy. When you keep wild animals in captivity and bring them food regularly, there is always a risk that they will get bored and evolve abnormal and stereotypical behaviours. This is a particular risk when you keep intelligent animals […]

Chimpanzee confiscation

Thursday morning 14th May three two-year-old chimpanzees were confiscated from an logging camp in Cameroon. The Italian owner of the chimpanzees was arrested. The three are in quarantine in the LWC and are doing well. Ngambe Tikar, where the logging camp is, is not close to Limbe. Veterinarian Dr. John and Head Keeper Jonathan had travelled […]

Conservation Education in Limbe

The Limbe Wildlife Centre has run a conservation education program for more than 10 years, but in the last months something has changed. It seems like Limbe has woken up, things are moving and people are organizing themselves. It is very exciting to be in the middle of all this. It is LWC’s ambition to […]