Monthly Archives: June 2009


The famous Dutch football hero Johan Cruyff always says: ‘Elk nadeel heb z’n voordeel’, which could be translated as: ’Each set back have advantage’ (and don’t blame me for the pour grammar). This week we have started the rebuilding of the outside enclosure for the chimpanzees and the new fence is going to be much […]


Two weeks ago Limbe was taken by surprise when an extremely violent storm hit the coastline. The Limbe Wildlife Centre suffers from a great deal of damage to trees and enclosures. Especially the chimpanzees are badly affected, because there outside enclosure was completely destroyed. It will take a long time and a lot of money […]

Update on the three new chimpanzees

I want to give a little update on the three baby chimps that we received three weeks ago. All the chimps seem to be doing fine, and it seems like they have adapted to their new home at Limbe Wildlife Centre. We are now slowly getting to know them and their personalities.  Tikar is the […]