Monthly Archives: July 2009

It is swinging at Limbe Wildlife Centre!

If you visit Limbe Wildlife Centre at the moment, you will probably see two persons very busy making swings. It is volunteer Aoife who is from Ireland and our keeper Elvis who takes care of the guenons and mangabeys. Aoife has been here for three weeks now, and she thinks that some of the monkey […]

Rehabilitation of a drill monkey

Nicky Mamfe is a female drill that came to the Limbe Wildlife Centre in February of this year. After a three months quarantine period she is now in the proces of being introduced to the other drills. The introduction is going very slowly, because Nicky has a lot of problems. Nicky was called after Felix […]

Chimpanzee enrichment

At the Limbe Wildlife Centre we do a lot to keep our animals busy. The chimpanzees sometimes get coconuts and it is great to see how they deal with them. [kml_flashembed movie=”” width=”425″ height=”350″ wmode=”transparent” /]


A few days ago Jo-Jo, a male chimpanzee of about 13 years old, went outside for the first time in a very long time. After years in a cage he could finally feel the grass beneath his feet again. Jo-Jo was kept by a Greek business man, ever since he was a baby. Over time […]


Our educators here take visitors around the centre every day, and most of our keepers guide visitors around whenever they have time. As Cameroon has both a French speaking and an English speaking part, many of our visitors are French speaking. Therefore many of the tours have to be in French. Until now only a […]


After a rather turbulent time it is quite nice to work on a quiet, sunny Sunday. A lot of families like to visit the LWC on Sunday, especially when the weather suddenly changes from constant rain to a clear blue sky. But even with many visitors, for me the Sunday is always a good day […]


Not one day is the same as the next here in Limbe. When we woke up this morning it was raining heavily, but we are quite used to that. Only when we arrived at the Wildlife Centre we realized how much water had fallen, because the whole place was flooded. The river Limbe, which is […]

Goodbye monkeys

The rainy season is always a difficult time in the Limbe Wildlife Centre, with many sick animals. This week the rains have been particularly heavy and the results are devastating. Two young moneys, both not even a year old, have died. It is very tough to realize that we have failed to give these animals […]

It is time for the holiday workshops!

It has been a busy time for the education team in Limbe. Every year we have holiday workshops here at Limbe Wildlife Centre. Last week we had the first one this year, which were for secondary school students. This year’s theme is “Gorillas, research and conservation”. We decide to focus on gorillas, because 2009 is […]


It may sound as a strange opening sentence of a blog that has been running for more than a year, but today we celebrate the first day of internet access in the Limbe Wildlife Centre. Until yesterday we could write a blog in our own office, but then we had to go to a cyber […]