Monthly Archives: August 2009

Palmnut vulture

Today we moved a palmnut vulture from the quarantine area into the flight cage of the Fraser’s eagle owl. The very young palmnut vulture was brought to us by a man who seized it from some other people who had pulled out the wing feathers. It is not quite clear what these people wanted to […]

New arrivals

A few weeks ago we told you that we had released our two civet cats back to the wild.Only a few days after, a man came to the centre with two small civet cats. The man has a cane rat farm, and some farmers brought these civet babies to him. They had been working in […]

Please help the Limbe Wildlife Centre

In less than two years time this blog has become a major fundraising activity for the Limbe Wildlife Centre. While the credit crisis is having an impact on the possibilities to fund projects, this blog is proving that lots of small donation make a big difference. First of all I would like to thank everybody […]

Banyo getting better

I am very happy to tell you all that Banyo is getting a little better every day. She is looking brighter and her breathing is much better. She still coughs but it is not as rough anymore as a few days ago. Apart from this good news, we have a whole list of animals who […]


Even while I was writing the blog yesterday, a drill was brought into quarantine. Ndokbangengue, or shortly Ndok, was breathing with difficulty and coughing badly. Treatment was started right away and she got her own cage next to Banyo. While Banyo seemed to get a bit more strength, Ndok was playing around a bit. But […]

Chimpanzees ill

Yesterday was my off day, but Sofie called me to say that Banyo was taken to quarantine because she was very sick. Like several other chimpanzees, she had been coughing and sneezing for a few days. Unfortunately, Banyo has now developed a pneumonia, which can be very dangerous. She is in intensive care, on a […]

Man Alone

We have an old mandrill here in Limbe Wildlife Centre. He is called “Man alone”. “Man alone” has been here longer than anyone really remembers. He was already here in 1993, when Limbe Zoo turned in to Limbe Wildlife Centre. One of our keepers has been working here more than 20 years, and he tells […]

Civets reintroduced back to the wild

The two African civets (Civettictis civetta) that were brought to the Limbe Wildlife Centre in March, will be released in the forest today. When they arrived in the LWC they were still babies, their mother possibly killed for bushmeat, but in 5 months time they have grown up enough to go back to the wild. […]

Fraser’s eagle owl has a new home

The Fraser’s eagle owl at the Limbe Wildlife Centre has a new enclosure. Since his arrival in January 2008 the owl has lived in a cage in quarantine. Now we have build a new cage for him, so he has more space and the visitors can learn about owls. Fraser was brought to the LWC […]