Monthly Archives: September 2009

Baby chimp introduction

The three baby chimpanzees, which were confiscated from a logging camp in May, have finally moved out of quarantine. They spent a longer time in quarantine than our animals normally do because we found some strange lumps on their stomachs when we did their first health check. We were afraid that these could be tuberculosis […]

Ndogpassi Jake

A few weeks ago one of our keepers went to Douala to visit some family. Near their house he discovered an adult male mandrill tied up outside a house. It is of course illegal to keep mandrills, which are endangered animals, in private houses. Therefore we contacted the Chief of Wildlife in Douala to help […]

More space for the gorillas

We are now rebuilding our old chimpanzee enclosure. The chimpanzee enclosure is next to one of our gorilla enclosures with a group of four gorillas. Before the two enclosures were separated with fence and a corridor, but now we have build a wall between the two enclosures. This means, that the gorillas had their enclosure […]