Monthly Archives: November 2009

Massive confiscation of grey parrots

Yesterday hundreds of parrots were rescued and transfered to the Limbe Wildlife Centre. They were confiscated at the Douala Airport, where they were kept prior to shipment out of the country. The illegal animal dealer has fled. The parrots were sitting in 10 crates, covered with lice, without food or water. By the time they […]

Gorilla food

Gorillas are vegetarians and in the wild they eat many different species of plants. They especially like leaves, young shoots and the juicy inner part of the stems. A diet of fruits and vegetables can never be a good replacement for this forest diet, so that is why we harvest food plants in the forest. […]

Give monkeys space!

It is has been too long since my last blog, while there is really so much to tell. If you could pay a visit to the Limbe Wildlife Centre now, you would see that the entrance is nicely painted, with new plants along the wall. Then you would come in and go to the new […]