Monthly Archives: December 2009

Parrots released

This morning we released the first 49 parrots in a community forest. The operation went very smoothly. We started early in the morning by catching 53 parrots. They were put in the three story transport box that Jacob, our carpenter, had prepared for them. The box was loaded on the car and off we went […]

Update on Gah

This Gah, who is now almost 5 years old. When Gah came to the LWC almost 4 years ago he was completely paralyzed as a result from shot wounds and a fall from a high tree. Many of our readers remember him and we often get questions about how he is doing. Gah is doing […]

Parrots counted: 503!

Yesterday we counted, selected and treated all the parrots that were confiscated in Douala Airport two and a half weeks ago. With 7 people we worked from 7am to 5pm, but in the end we had done all the parrots. There were many more birds than we had estimated! We now know that the total […]

Nile crocodiles released

In the three years that I am working in the Limbe Wildlife Centre we have released many dwarf crocodiles, who are critically endangered. They live in small rivers and it is not difficult to find suitable release sites around Limbe. For Nile crocodiles it is not so easy, because they only survive in big rivers […]

Update on Bazou

I just want to show you this picture of Bazou, who was rescued a few days ago. He is now in our quarantine, and as you can see on the picture we are feeding him well. He eats everything that we offer him. Apparently he was normally fed on food scraps and whatever the people […]

Chimpanzee rescued from dreadful circumstances

A sixteen-year old male chimpanzee, that has spent most of his years in a small cage, has been rescued. After a long day of confiscation and travel, the rescue team and the chimpanzee arrived in the middle of the night at the Limbe Wildlife Centre. We have named the chimpanzee Bazou, after the village where […]

Feeding the parrots

First of all, thank you all for your support concerning the rescue of around 300 parrots from Douala Airport. Some of you might wonder why your remarks were not visible on the blog right away, but I just found 18 responses in the moderation box. It is good to know that so many people are […]

Parrots update

It is really great that so many people are showing their concern and offering their help for the confiscated parots. We have decided to give them a little bit more time to settle in before we start counting and treating them. In the first days 29 birds have died, but we hope that we have […]

Spot – a young putty-nosed guenon

You have probably read about all the parrots we received this Saturday, but actually the parrots were not the only animals arriving on Saturday. The MINFOF officials who brought the parrots also brought a small male putty-nosed guenon with a rope around his waist. He was also seized in the airport, but we don’t know […]