Monthly Archives: January 2010

Mona monkey doing well

Due to the changes that have taken place in Wildlife Direct, we were silent for more then a week. We are still struggling a bit with the new program and I did not manage to put up a picture in this blog, but at least we are back! And in a week time a lot […]

Goodbye Victoria Zoo!

The history of Limbe Wildlife Centre starts in the early sixties of the last century, when the Victoria Zoo was founded. Unfortunately the zoo was a terrible place for animals. The enclosures were very bad and often the zoo didn’t have enough money to buy food for the animals. This picture shows two cages from […]

Mbam’s funeral

Yesterday we buried Mbam and, as we always do when an animal dies, we did a tradional ceremony for him. Stephen,  a son of the soil, offered some whiskey to the fore-fathers and asked them to take good care of Mbam on his way to the other world. It feels good to do a ceremony […]

Jake meets his family

Thank you so much everybody for your encouraging words after yesterday’s sad news. It means a lot for us. Today we have some good news to tell you; maybe you remember Jake, the mandrill who came here in September after having spent 7 years alone in a garden, being somebody’s “guard-dog”? Today he has finally […]

Chimpanzee dies of pneumonia

What a terrible day! This morning Mbam, the young chimpanzee that has been with us since 2008, died of pneumonia. It is so sad, he was doing so well in the group. You might remember reading about his introduction to the big group last September. Mbam was the chimpanzee that did not want to let […]

Red capped mangabey ill

Lisa is an old red capped mangabey that has been living in the Limbe Wildlife Centre for 15 years. How old exactly we do not know because she was already adult when she came here. At that time she was already completely blind and she had a bend in her tail from a previous injury. […]

Spot has a monkey friend!

I just wanted to show you this picture of Spot and Unity. After a week of carefully introducing the two to each other, they are good friends now. Spot is no longer afraid of Unity. Instead they are grooming each other, playing, running and jumping together. It is not so easy to get them on […]

Rehabilitation of a putty-nosed monkey

First of all I would like to wish all our readers and supporters all the best for the new year. You have been great for us in the last year and thanks to your help we have been able to do so much more for the animals in our care. I would like to thank […]