Monthly Archives: February 2010

Release of Parrots

The Limbe Wildlife Centre is releasing the Grey parrots that were confiscated on Douala Airport. We are experimenting with a soft release method because we want to make sure that the survival of the birds is as high as possible. The idea is to keep a small group of parrots for a short while in […]

Chimpanzee Bazou meets Bankim

After almost 16 years of being alone, Bazou met this morning with another male chimpanzee. With his eight years of age, Bankim is much younger than Bazou, but he is much more robust. His head is bigger, his arms are stronger and his fur looks healthier. Next to Bankim, Bazou looks like a concentration camp […]

Bazou moves out of quarantine

I am sure that many of you will remember Bazou, the chimpanzee we received a few months ago? He was confiscated after having spent 16 years alone in a small cage. Yesterday his quarantine period was over, and we moved him to our chimpanzee section. I think all of us were very excited to see […]

African grey parrots, the illegal trade continues

Yesterday more then 1000 African grey parrots were confiscated at Douala Airport and brought to the Limbe Wildlife Centre in Cameroon. Again! We have not even released all the birds from the last seized parrot shipment, but the illegal trade continues. This is the largest group of parrots ever confiscated in Cameroon. Unfortunately, also the […]