Monthly Archives: March 2010

End of the Outreach Program for the year 2009-2010

The outreach program for this school year has come to an end. This year, our education team has been teaching on 11 different schools around Limbe, reaching more than 1000 students every week. The educators have been teaching about animals, conservation and environmental issues. On the last day, we invited all the students to come […]

Orphan drill monkey brought to LWC

Today we received a two-year-old orphan drill monkey. After his mother was killed for bush meat, this little boy was sold in the market of Bajo, near Mamfe. A military man on his way to Limbe took an interest in the monkey and bought it for 30,000 CFA (€ 45). He even went to the […]

New home for guenons

The guenon monkeys have a new home! Where it used to be a marsh, we now have a very spacious enclosure for 5 different species of guenons. In the last week we moved all the monkeys and new groups were formed. The Preuss’ monkeys and the Red-eared monkeys form one group. These species are both […]