Monthly Archives: May 2010

Mandrill Jake in the group

After a very long and difficult introduction period Jake is finally outside with the other members of the mandrill group. Ndokpassi Jake was confiscated from a family home in Douala in September last year. He was kept as a watch dog on a chain outside the house. After his quarantine period he was moved to […]

Chimpanzee enclosure renovation

One year ago the chimpanzee fence was completely ruined by a big storm. We accepted this event as an opportunity to completely renovate the enclosure and the satellite cage. This renovation of the old chimpanzee enclosure is now nearing completion. First of all a deviding wall was build between the gorilla enclosure and the chimpanzee […]

Update LWC

First of all, sorry for being silent for such a long time. We have been very busy with all sorts of things, but blogging was not among them. I will try to give a small update about a few things that are going on. The situation with the parrots has calmed down now. We still […]