Monthly Archives: May 2011


Today’s is a post of welcomes. The 5th of May another young monkey arrived. This time a juvenile putty-nosed guenon, Cercopithecus nictitans, was handed to us by a MINFOF official from Idenau. He had found this young female tied to a boat on the beach in a small village called Bibunde. No persons were around, […]

Donate via PayPal

Thanks to the Dutch organisation ‘Stichting Weesaapjes’ we now have the possibility again to receive donations via Paypal directly on this site. “Stichting Weesaapjes” collects the donations and sends them to us without any charges. Thank you so much Liesbeth! Please support the wonderful work that the Limbe Wildlife Centre does by making a donation. […]

Two new orphans in Limbe Wildlife Centre

Within the last week, we received two new primates at Limbe Wildlife Centre! Grey-cheeked mangabey On the 20th of April Onana Messofelix, a police commissioner living in Buea brought a beautiful male grey-cheeked mangabey infant Lophocebus albigena.  These fascinating monkeys are not native to the Cross-Sanaga region where we are located and so is likely […]