Monthly Archives: September 2012

Construction Projects

The past few months have been very busy with construction around LWC. The second gorilla fence, for Arno’s group, was just recently completed, and is much more stable than the previous fence. We’re also preparing to build a third satellite enclosure, as we will soon need to make a bachelor’s group of three males in […]

Two gorilla surgeries

Yesterday morning, shortly after we arrived, Benito and Batek (two blackback gorillas) had a fight that left wounds requiring surgery on both individuals. Batek was left with a large, deep wound on his arm, which required stitching of muscles and skin: Benito, the larger male, had a smaller wound on his backside that also required […]

September Newsletter

Click the link below to read our September newsletter! LWC September ’12 Newsletter To read more about our field site campaign, please go to: To vote for Harmony Fund, who supports LWC, in Chase Community Giving on Facebook, please click: If you are interested in signing up for our monthly newsletter, please contact us at […]

Bakumba Joins Group

Bakumba, a young putty-nose monkey, arrived in May. Upon arrival, she was very sick and in terrible condition. After passing her quarantine period, during which she was treated and cared for until she was deemed to be in good health, we introduced her to the baby guenon group, which currently includes Warbay, a preuss monkey, […]

Gorilla Fence Completed

In early July, we began construction on a new fence for our large gorilla enclosure, which houses Chella’s group. The old fence had become flimsy and was no longer stable, and the gorillas were constantly working to figure out ways to push it down. This led to a desperate need for a new fence, as […]