Construction Projects

The past few months have been very busy with construction around LWC. The second gorilla fence, for Arno’s group, was just recently completed, and is much more stable than the previous fence. We’re also preparing to build a third satellite enclosure, as we will soon need to make a bachelor’s group of three males in order to ensure group stability and prevent fighting for dominance in Chella’s group.

The new fence for Arno’s group.

This space will be used to create a 3rd satellite in the smaller gorilla enclosure.

We are also in the process of building new climbing structures on the island chimpanzee enclosure, thanks to support from Born Free Foundation and Stichting Weesaapjes. So far, two structures have been built, and construction on more continues. The chimpanzees love the new climbing structures so far, and the juveniles particularly enjoy swinging from the ropes!

The posts for the new climbing structures,  from sustainable Eucalyptus grown in Bamenda, are very heavy and took many LWC staff members to unload.

LWC staff members building a chimp climbing structure.

The chimpanzees are enjoying the new climbing structures!

Juvenile chimpanzees, like Koto, are particularly enjoying the new ropes!

Our nursery chimpanzee group grew to 5 individuals early in 2012, leaving us in desperate need of a larger satellite enclosure. Construction on the new enclosure has just begun, and the new space will be much, much larger. This will allow the infants to be much more comfortable, and will ensure that we have space for any new arrivals. The old satellite will be used as an additional quarantine cage – also needed, as quarantine houses new arrivals, as well as individuals in hospitalization.

Construction has begun on the new nursery chimpanzee satellite.

Billy arrived in early 2012, and was the 5th chimpanzee to join the nursery group.

In the mandrill enclosure, new climbing structures were built. The mandrills seemed to enjoy watching the construction, and couldn’t wait to try out the new structures! Repairs were also made to the mandrill satellite. Satellites are very important, as they provide shelter during rainy season, allow animals to be separated for observation, and provide space for healing individuals after hospitalization.

Micky Robinson on one of the new mandrill climbing structures.

There are many projects underway as we work to give all of the animals at LWC the best possible quality of life!



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  1. Monica Gradin
    Posted September 28, 2012 at 11:34 am | Permalink

    Real nice to see how many things that has been done since I left in november 2011. I hope that some day I will be able to come and see it with my own eyes!

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