New Arrival: Amigo

On 31st October, Amigo, a 9 year old male olive baboon (Papio anubis), was rescued and brought to Limbe Wildlife Centre. When he was only 3 months old, he was purchased by a village chief and his wife. At first, Amigo lived with the family, but he soon became aggressive and they locked him into a small dog cage outside. He lived like this for nearly nine years:

Last year, the owners tried to give Amigo vaccinations, and he attacked them. At this point, they decided that he was too aggressive to handle, and contacted authorities. The Ministry of Forestry and Wildlife (MiNFOF), along with the Last Great Ape organization (LAGA), confiscated Amigo and contacted us. Dr. John went to the village and brought Amigo back to L.W.C., at which point he underwent his first health check. It was clear that Amigo was emaciated – he weighed only 17kg, whereas a male of his age should weigh between 25 and 30kg. When we fed him for the first time, he ate ravenously, first eating the peels of the banana, and then discovering the fruit inside.

Amigo is now in his quarantine period, during which he will undergo 2 more health checks to ensure his health and well-being. His space in quarantine is approximately 6 times wider and 3 times taller than the cage he spent 9 years in, and is filled with branches and ropes. Amigo has been spending a lot of his time in the branches, and is especially alert around feeding time, looking to see what new food he will receive. After his quarantine period, Amigo will be with members of his own species for the first time since his capture from the wild at 3 months old.

Amigo appears to be very relaxed in this new environment, and we look forward to seeing his continued improvement.

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  1. Perrine
    Posted November 5, 2012 at 9:18 am | Permalink

    He’s so beautiful, it’s a really sad story, when is the end of the illegal traffic? so difficult…

  2. Selma Forotti
    Posted November 5, 2012 at 11:46 pm | Permalink

    Het is verschrikkelijk dat er nog steeds wilde dieren als huisdier gehouden worden. Niet alleen in Afrika maar over de hele wereld. Deze stakker heeft het grootste deel van zijn leven in een kooi doorgebracht die amper tweemaal groter was dan hijzelf.
    Gelukkig was de eigenaar zo verstandig om Amigo af te staan aan Limbe Wildlife Centre. Jullie in Limbe doen, met zeer beperkte middelen, geweldig werk. Ik heb het met eigen ogen gezien en was/ben onder de indruk hiervan. Gelukkig ziet de toekomst er nu goed uit voor Amigo. Na de quarantaine kan hij kennis maken met soortgenoten.

  3. Monica Gradin
    Posted November 6, 2012 at 8:00 am | Permalink

    So sad to read about his life until now. Hope he will be accepted in the group. As always you are doing a tremendous work at LWC!

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