Jeanevie joins infant guenon group

A few weeks ago, Jeanevie, a young mona monkey (Cercopithecus mona), joined the infant guenon group after passing her quarantine period. Jeanevie arrived in August when she was less than 1 year old, after having been kept as a pet by two men living in Douala for 8 months. She was orphaned by the bushmeat trade, and then was sold in the market as a pet. The men had difficulty caring for her, and realizing that she would have a better life living with others of her own kind, made the decision to donate the young mona monkey to L.W.C.

Jeanevie upon arrival at L.W.C.

Jeanevie’s introduction to the infant guenon group went extremely well. Although she appeared to be unsure at first, she quickly allowed the other guenons to inspect and groom her. Jeanevie can usually be seen with Bakumba, a Putty-nosed monkey (Cercopithecus nictitans) and Bomoko, a red-eared guenon (Cercopithecus erythrotis).

Once Jeanevie is old enough, and no longer needs milk, she will join the resident mona monkey group.

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  1. Selma F The Netherlands
    Posted November 13, 2012 at 5:01 am | Permalink

    Fijn dat de twee mannen uit Douala zich op tijd realiseerden dat groepsdieren het gelukkigst zijn bij soortgenoten. Limbe Wildlife Centre is een geweldig oord waar dieren deskundig opgevangen en verzorgd worden. Medewerkers doen hun werk vol overgave. Vrijwilligers die uit alle windstreken naar Limbe komen om te helpen zijn goud waard.

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